Project owner representative

Viridis.iQ GmbH also provides project owner and lenders engineer representation services for all levels of the metallurgical silicon and PV manufacturing chain. We sit on the owner/ investor side of the table and help to advise not only on technical matters related to industrial production, but also on financial, economic, market, commercial and strategic levels. 

As an owner representative, Viridis.iQ can pass on detailed knowledge to the project owner that is independent from future suppliers and technology providers so that the owner can make a well informed decision on all steps of the project. As a counter balance to the normal marketing efforts by suppliers and technology providers, Viridis.iQ can help the owner stay protected from making decisions without a confirming opinion from other experts. 

Viridis.iQ also offers technology, equipment and material supplier auditing services for project owners and investors at the next stage of the project development. As a knowledgeable interface between the project owner and the technology and materials suppliers, Viridis.iQ can ensure the best outcome for the project owner/investor. Viridis.iQ currently is performing project owner representation for customers worldwide.